Welcome to my blog!. First of all thank you for reading this, I am committed to do my best to bring you with the best content of things I have found interesting over my life. From technology to life hacks that have helped me and now I would like to share it with you. From the basic things of technology to a bit more complex things that will help you as tools for the future.

My commitment

I will be sharing things I have learned, discovered and figure it out of things like:

  • How to learn a language easier (both speak language and computer programming language)
  • Learn skills to self-taught yourself
  • Mention books that have made an impact on myself
  • Bring you with resources that can help you to create a business online. Things like a way to how to create a website, find a product, affiliation, products and services that can help you facilitate the process.
  • Want to travel? I will help you showing you a secret in how to travel with less money thanks to the power of credit card rewards and how to build and/or fix your credit score to achieve this.
  • And a lot about technology!!..